A Job Interview and Cabela’s

Hey Everyone!

It’s been a while since I have posted. Life has been busy. Now that the Holidays are over life is slowing down.

Last week was a long one. It all started with inclement weather so I missed a couple shifts, then a holiday and then the power went out for a couple days. So between not getting deliveries for a few days and losing most of the perishable products in the power outage (what couldn’t be put in the refrigerated truck), coming back meant catch up. I worked a 5 night week in my last work week, since my first shift back was supposed to be inventory but that was canceled. It was a long work week.

In my last post I had talked about how I hadn’t gotten a job I wanted due to a technicality. About the same time I had applied for that job, I had applied for the same position at a different location. I had gotten an email that I wasn’t chosen for an interview basically because of the same technicality as why I didn’t get the other job. Well, a couple days ago, I heard from the store that initially turned me down but hadn’t interviewed me, to see if I was still interested in the position (yes), so I had an interview today for it. The technicality was that I hadn’t been in my current position for a year. While the technicality is still in place, I am now close enough to my year that, pending the interview and that goes well, I can be granted an exception. I should know tomorrow sometime.

There is a Cabela’s that went in several years ago, not far from where I interviewed today. I decided to stop by and check it out since I like outdoors / sporting goods stores. Back in the day there was this YouTube Channel called “DudeLikeHella”, and at the time I had started watching this channel, Cory and Kristen were living in Alaska. In one of their videos they had gone to one of the Cabela’s in Anchorage, and not gonna lie I was a little jealous. I have known we have had a Cabela’s in the Portland Metro area for a bit but have never really had a reason to drive all the way out there lately. Today I had that reason. I was like a little kid in a candy store or on Christmas coming down to see all the presents under the tree. It’s not just your typical sporting goods store. It’s an experience all on its own.

Anybody who knows me knows how much I love to be outside. Cabela’s was right up my alley.


Things don’t always Work Out

Hey Everyone!

A couple weeks ago I had gone and interviewed for a job within the company I work for, at a location closer to home, and that wouldn’t have been as hard on my body. I found out the other day that I didn’t get the job, based on a technically that had nothing to do with my job performance. Such is life though.

I am still trying to figure out what I am wanting to do long term and where I want to go from here. Some things I am trying to work on is eating more local foods and eventually grow and raise as much of my own food as possible and buy local to fill in.

This week for dinners I made venison burgers on pretzel buns and guac, with a side of sweet potato fries. I am trying to make good, tasty and filling meals on a budget.

I have been enjoying my weekend, and spending time knitting. I am trying to get the current pair of socks I am working on done.

Watching Christmas Ships

Hey Everyone!

Last weekend I wasn’t feeling so great so I took a couple nights off to rest, which was much needed.

Yesterday, I went out, I needed to get a shot and then ran errands. I also got grocery shopping done.

Last night, my family and I went out and watched the Christmas Ships come down the Willamette River, at Kellogg Park in Milwaukie. It was fun to go watch.

Today, I did Christmas Cards to get in the mail and just rested to be ready to go for work tomorrow night.

Long Holiday Weekend

Hey Everyone!

I am back at work after Thanksgiving, and having an extra night off on my weekend.

Tuesday, I had gone and run errands early in the day, so it was only starting to get crazy towards the end of my errands.

Wednesday, my mom and I spent most of the day cooking in preparation for Thanksgiving. I was exhausted by the end of the day.

Thursday was pretty easy after all the prep Wednesday. My brother came over for dinner.

Yesterday, we went out and braved the crowds at the mall midmorning. We got some Christmas shopping done. Once we got home I rested and had dinner before having to come to work.

My last shift was a long one and my body is feeling it. I am not a fan of long hard shifts where I am in a lot of pain and wiped out after.

I had gone back to bed for a couple hours after dinner to get a bit more sleep before having to come to work. I was having a good dream when my alarm went off, forcing me to wake up.

Time to Enjoy the Nice Weather

Hey Everyone!

Over the past couple of weeks we have had a couple good storms roll though. What I hadn’t really realized was that we got snow down as low as about 500 – 600 feet, which is in the mountain foothills. I had known that we had gotten snow in the mountains, I just hadn’t realized that down around Colton and outside of Estacada.

I had gone for a drive again this week. I have been going for more drives now that I have a bit more energy. These drives I have been going on out in the country, have reminded me where I am most at home, and where I would like to live.

I still can’t believe that Thanksgiving is two weeks away. Last year was the first year in several years where we weren’t already a month into Christmas, but even so, we had “the war room” full of backstock baking stuff, pumpkin, canned vegetables, and all that. I am at a different store in the company this year and it’s not quite as crazy.

With the amount of rain we have already had this month and how cold some of our lows have been, it will be interesting to see how this winter plays out. I am glad I have PTO just in case it does snow and I am unable to get to work.

This year we are are expecting another la nina winter. I am not really wanting snow, if its going to be cold, it would be nice if it was dry. If it’s going to be wet, then it should be at least in the upper 30’s.

Weekends always go too quick. It was literally just Monday morning and now I am back to Thursday afternoon. That’s how it always seems to go.

It is also the time of year when property owners are burning brush piles, and people who have wood burning fireplaces and woodstoves are having fires. I love the smell of a wood fire. So every time I smell a wood fire I perk up and it makes me happy.

Autumn in the Country

Hey Everyone!

This past weekend the weather really took a turn. It went from feeling like summer in October to rainy, Cold and wet like a typical October should be. There was a day where we got over half an inch of rain in 24 hours, and we have gotten an inch of rain in the past five days.

We really needed the rain, especially with the fire burning within about 35 miles or so of where I live. Our air quality was so bad for several days.

This weather also makes sleeping during day (from working nights) so much easier. It’s darker and cooler and it is the best.

Today I went out and ran some errands. Including going to Fred Meyer. They have Christmas decorations out for sale. I had forgotten over the past 15 months how early stores bring out their Christmas decorations. Honestly I don’t miss having to set up Christmas in mid October.

While I was out I had stopped at a little coffee shop in the town where I went shopping (not far from where I live), and it was super cute. I like stopping at places like that and supporting the local economy.

I also went for a drive, to clear my head and get out of the Urban areas. I miss living out in the middle of nowhere, where within 10 minutes really any direction you are out on 2 lane country roads.

The further away from the city that I got, the more the leaves were turning and they were so pretty. I do love this time of year, especially being out and away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Fishery Closures

Hey Everyone

My heart is weighing heavy thus evening as inflation is sky high, grocery, gas and rent prices are higher than ever, while wages remain too low for the work being put in and that is expected to be done. Employers want to pay rock bottom wages while expecting employees to put more time and energy in to get more work done for the low wages.

The other day I was scrolling through my Instagram feed when I came across Bri Dwyers latest post. Bri is the wife of Sean Dwyer who owns and Operates the Brenna A – a large fishing boat and has been on Deadliest Catch. Her post was about how the King Crab fishery in Alaska is closed for the second season in a row, and that the snow crab fishery is closed for the first time in history.

The closing of these two fisheries even for a season, has a huge impact on so many people’s livelihoods. Not only does it impact the fisherman and their families, it impacts the ports, the canneries / processing plants, and on down the line.

While I am not in Alaska, and these two closures don’t directly impact my life, I will be watching how things play out when it comes tike for Dungeness Crab season here in Oregon and the impact that has on the small coastal communities that I love and visit as often as possible.

Is it really Fall?

Hey Everyone!

I hope you are all having a good week. I have been keeping busy with work, and life.

Last week I worked an extra shift at work for inventory and also helped my mom can the pears we picked up at Sauvie Island the week before.

This week, I had gone and picked up my new pair of glasses, so now I have 2 pairs with the same prescription. I wanted to get a second pair for a while, with some sturdier frames for wearing to work and on outdoor adventures.

I still can’t believe that it is October already. While the light is changing, it’s getting dark earlier, and light later, the days are still too warm for October. It is definitely supposed to be cooler by now, not still up in the 80’s for highs.

Yesterday was first time in a while where I spent the day knitting and making decent progress on my current project. After many months filled with Dr’s appointments and getting labs and tests done, it’s nice to finally be getting back to as normal life as possible.

Life isn’t as it used to be

Hey Everyone!

There has been a lot that has been weighing heavy on my heart lately, especially when it comes to work, trying to get by and how our collective societal mindset still hasn’t caught up with where the economy is actually at.

I keep seeing these things about how to get 18/19 years out and living independently. At least in the urban areas in my part of the country, unless they are somehow the real life Sheldon Cooper or Spencer Reed and have how many college degrees before they turn 21, the likelihood that an 18 / 19 year old being able to support themselves on whatever job they can get is not feasible.

Even having a decent full time job with benefits doesn’t mean one can live independently these days. Not when rent (for a studio apartment) is at least half my take home pay.

In learning about my coworkers lives, I know I am not alone in the whole not living on my own thing. Many are living with a significant other, or roommates as well. I know of at least one who is working two jobs just to try to make ends meet.

I read a statistic recently that stated that roughly 2/3 of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck. I can believe that statistic, based on my own experience after college and looking around me.

I have also been watching small towns die because the main industry in the town dies or leaves. At least where I am at, an 18/19 year old can’t just go get a job at the mill, or other main employer in town, and have a decent job and a place to work their career at anymore, which is unfortunate.

Getting back into Hiking

Hey Everyone!

Today, I took my second hike of the year, and second hike since 2020. I had also gone for a walk up at the track earlier, before my hike. So I am definitely tired and hurting.

After dealing with a lot over the past 18 months, including moving and dealing with some chronic health issues, I am trying to get back to doing the things I love doing, and sharing them with you all. I used to go hiking a lot more several years ago, when I had more free time and before the chronic health issues. I have cleared going hiking with my doctors, and they have given me the go ahead, so I am getting back to it, as I have the energy.

Right now, having the energy is the biggest thing as to whether I go out or not. I also realized that I really need to dig my trekking poles out of storage if I am going to keep hiking. I have a knee and ankle I have injured a fair amount when I was younger, and hiking likes to make those injuries flair up. So I am hoping that my trekking poles will give me a little more stabilization and help keep the old injuries from flairing up as bad. I am also hoping that they help me to prevent further injury.

Going out hiking again, reminded me of some of the dreams, Goals and aspirations I have had over the years, and that at different times had let go of and thought were unattainable. I am constantly being reminded that they aren’t unattainable, they just require hard work and determination.